Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Check Us Out

Welcome to our new family blog! One of my great friends has started a blog for her family and I love reading about her life. So, I am going for it myself! I hope to be able to share cute stories and pictures and an occasional thought from me. This is a great way to communicate to so many of you that I have lost touch with since becoming a mother of multiple children. (I'm still adjusting.) So grandparents, aunts and uncles, friends afar, and friends around the corner, check in to see what's going on in Thoennes life......

Three month old Everett Benjamin is officially a "chunky-monkey." (Named by his Aunt Hayley) You won't believe the rolls. Pictures can't describe his squishiness! I love it! He is smiling and even laughing often. His cooing melts my heart. He has been adoringly smiling at Sy when Sy looks his way. He is changing so quickly. Daily, I say, "God, help me remember him this way."

Silas is in the throws of potty-training. Wow - I have never celebrated "pee" and "poop" so wildly! We are in full blown reward mode. Sticker chart, Lightning McQueen anything and everything, gummy worms - gummy whatever, coke, pop-corn, ice cream.... and the list goes on. He is extremely opinionated about the strangest things and he can be quite stubborn. This is making training a grab-bag; never know what your are going to get! But we are slowly forging ahead into a diaperless promised land.

Memorial Day weekend was a special time. Matthew, my baby brother, got out of the Navy! We had one continuous party celebrating his return. None of us have seen him in 2 years since he has been in Japan. Noah and Hayley (other bro and sister-in-law) came so it was all of us together as a family for the first time in years. Great time. Between the partying and putting together an amazing play set given to us, it was a full weekend. We are still recouping.