Wednesday, June 10, 2009

All Things Boy

This post is dedicated to my dear friend Megan who has inspired me to update this blog after merely one year of not posting! :) Thanks girl for the guilt trip and here you go: (my long distance family, I'm sure, thanks you)

Well, by now you have all heard we anticipate the arrival of our THIRD BOY in early October! We have known this for a few weeks and are getting more and more excited at the thought of our 3 little men. In addition to our excitement, Ben and I both feel a shift in the responsibility we have been given. All of the sudden we are thinking, "you don't just turn out 3 GREAT MEN on accident." If I ponder the thought long I feel overwhelmed, but then I remember these little lives were entrusted to us for some crazy reason. What an honor and yet a humbling thought! We are so grateful for God's Grace that will guide us and cover us through the seasons ahead.

The recent news has made me all of the sudden keenly aware of all things boy, in my house and in our world. I think it is a way of anticipating our future. I have embraced (in a whole new way) things like; dirt hills and that they must be climbed or destroyed, snails, bugs and reptiles can (at any time) be declared a pet, how convenient it is to take potty breaks in the backyard, that injuries WILL happen MULTIPLE times a day, that I will hear roaring like lions and tigers as a second language for at least another 5 years, we now "need" more swords and guns to insure a proper dual can take place, and so, soooo much more!

As wild as it sounds, these things bring a smile to my face. How on earth could a mother be more happy and fulfilled?... To have one more precious little boy growing into a man as he rocks in my arms.

ROCKS...they just appear and are quite scary from afar!

22 daisies Everett plucked for "Mommy" and it happened to be Mother's Day Weekend