Friday, September 21, 2007

A Great Birthday!

It was a great third birthday for Sy! Truly it was so great! Most of Sy's friends were able to come and celebrate with hotdogs, cake, gifts and playing football. If you missed the "footballing," you really missed out. I do have some really great pictures that just almost capture the special day. Thank you all, for loving us and celebrating Sy and the love of his favorite sport (this year).

To him, the "Buffalos" are right there next to any NFL team. Go Buffs Go!!!

Ev's not so into the game.............yet, that is.

We went to the WTAMU game on Saturday night. This was all a part of Sy's birthday weekend. How great to have a home game this weekend!

At his party we had special guest Cort Johnson (punter for WTAMU). He was so great with the kids and Sy thinks he hung the moon. He helped the kids kick the ball and then when that got old - a game broke out with the dads and the bigger kids. It was a terrific time. Happy Birthday Silas! I can't believe you are already 3!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

We're still here!

I know, I know... I haven't blogged in forever. Neither have my fellow bloggers lately. We all motivate each other and well, it's time to break the silence. Life has been really chaotic.

Quick recap: Bought bikes for the whole family (including a bike trailer).We spent Labor Day weekend in Kansas City - had a FANTASTIC time! Lainie and Jason moved out of and bought a house in Lubbock. They will move in October 4th. Sy started preschool at Trinity. Done flowers for 2 weddings, have one wedding and 3 banquets coming up. Everett is sitting up, eating solids and looking forward to being mobile. Sy is currently recovering from bronchitis AND we are preparing for a great birthday weekend.

So - that's the recap. We will post lots of pictures after his party this weekend. Until then...