Friday, September 21, 2007

A Great Birthday!

It was a great third birthday for Sy! Truly it was so great! Most of Sy's friends were able to come and celebrate with hotdogs, cake, gifts and playing football. If you missed the "footballing," you really missed out. I do have some really great pictures that just almost capture the special day. Thank you all, for loving us and celebrating Sy and the love of his favorite sport (this year).

To him, the "Buffalos" are right there next to any NFL team. Go Buffs Go!!!

Ev's not so into the game.............yet, that is.

We went to the WTAMU game on Saturday night. This was all a part of Sy's birthday weekend. How great to have a home game this weekend!

At his party we had special guest Cort Johnson (punter for WTAMU). He was so great with the kids and Sy thinks he hung the moon. He helped the kids kick the ball and then when that got old - a game broke out with the dads and the bigger kids. It was a terrific time. Happy Birthday Silas! I can't believe you are already 3!


Harris' said...

Amy, I love all the pictures! It made us feel like a part even though we weren't there. Sy is amazing..Jo loves him soooo much! It was so great to hang out with you all today. We had so much fun with you all tonite just hanging out. It reminded us of old times and made our new house feel a little more like "home." You all are so special to us. Love you.

Veronica said...

Amy, I am going to hang Sy and Everett pics on the refridge right now! That way I can see their smiles every day! The party looked like it was a blast! I miss you all SOSOSOSOSO much! Love, V

Jon&Ivy Thoennes Family said...

Great pics, Gabby would have loved the party and the football, wish we could have been there. Looking foward to the first Thanksgiving with the Thoennes' since the Apple pie (did I mention I love Apple pie). Can't wait for the day Sy can tackle me, then we'll have a real game, and I'll go home and take some advil.
-Jon and Ivy