Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Monday, August 13, 2007


Ok. I have been avoiding blogging because I don't really know how to tell you all that is going on. I guess the way I am wired is, tell you all really thoroughly what is going on in our lives and how we feel about it to the greatest detail. I can't do that now. It would take up too much space. The basics:

Lainie and Jason (and Lily) are moving to Lubbock. This is only 1.5-2 hours away but this is far for us since we see them at least 5 times a week. I know that almost anyone reading this knows that this is a huge deal to our family and us individually. We are so amazingly blessed by the Martinez family. We will miss having them close but know that our relationships are stronger than any distance. We KNOW they are going where God is sending them. He has been good and even spoken this to our hearts. We want them to be where God is asking them to be. So, we are sending them out with excitement knowing that this is for The Greater Good...for the Kingdom of God!

Besides the Martinez family, our dear friends the Harris's are moving too (coincidentally to Lubbock as well). They have become a very important part of our lives and we love hanging out with them as families. They have lived for a few years about 4 blocks away. Morgan and I used to say all we need is a tunnel between our houses and the kids could just go back and forth. I guess a tunnel to Lubbock may be a little far.

All this being said - things are a little emotionally raw here. Actually maybe a little numb. It all feels a little, no a lot, surreal. It's so nice to really know that God is in all of this. He is worth any sacrifice! I'm sure you'll here more. I just needed to get this out there.