Thursday, January 17, 2008

Not Much Here

Well, so much for recipes. Guess I won't post those again. I couldn't handle the response :)! Not a lot of news here lately. Back to normal life (whatever that is). We are getting our house tweaked to sell here in a couple of months. We are excited about that! We have a new kitchen floor and are doing more minor things like a new front door knob, paint exterior trim, some touch-ups in the house. Sy is already reminding me of the things we need to remember to bring to our new house! This is really funny since there is no new house yet, but he BELIEVES one is coming!

I am really excited to be starting a Bible Study I will lead here in our home for other women on a bi-weekly basis. I know it will be great because HE is great, so when you learn about Him, how can you go wrong?

So, nothing significant to say today. Just didn't want to bore you with more recipes!

By the way...hope you like the new look. Those are our feet up top. Our friend/photographer has them featured on his site if you want to check it out. In his gallery he has two wedding shoots featered. I did flowers for both.


Harris' said...

I LOVE that picture! It is so cute. By the way, I really enjoyed your receipe blog..I just hadn't commented yet. We are going to try the sweet potatoe fries soon. I am excited for you all to sell your house. The perfect house is waiting for you all! I wish I was around to attend your bible study..I'm sure it is going to be amazing! love ya.

Lainie said...

Hey don't get down on your recipes. I liked the idea just haven't made any yet because that would require a trip to the grocery store...we will today though. We have nothing in this house but eggs and fish crackers:)

The Thoennes Gang said...

Sorry Amy, we have tried the sweet potatoes, Rian ate her little heart out and well her poo well that was a story within itself, whoa, but James can't have brocolli he twitches at the sight and Jon doesn't like it so I have yet to try the slaw but I would love to. Why get down on the recipes you KNOW that you are an amazing cook and that is all that matters right, after all you have a happy healthy family right. How amazing that you are still learning and still excitied about your bible study, I only wish that I could find what you are living and learning, thanks for being so inspiring. We love you and we will post stuff soon, Ivy and girls and maybe Jon.

Veronica said...

I love you all!!!