Sunday, July 27, 2008

July 2008: Good Days

Warm bath + 1 bottle of shave cream + summer afternoon baseball on TV = 2 hour nap for daddy!

Little E has not found a mud pit he didn't like! (Sy makes sure he finds plenty)

"Wanta play baby Elan?"

Baby Elan: One hansome Man!

His daddy's favorite Sunday afternoon pose...

A very proud sister!

Sue passing on to Lily the great Hair tradition: Loving family with great meals!

Morning of July 4th, 2008: Pumped up to eat pancakes in Canyon!

Hair Family Cookoff - July '08 Champ: Premium Chili Cheese Dog served on a yam. -Chef Noah


Lainie said...

Love love love them all! Cannot wait for the 4th next year to be back with our "family" again!

Meg and PK said...

I was really hoping to find an update and was so pleasantly surprised by the slew of pics!!! So fun!

Meg and PK said...

this post is great and all, but it is about time for a new one! love you!