Sunday, July 22, 2007

Our world these days...

Everett's first "big boy bath"! Sy was so excited to share the tub as brothers! These are the days of a lot of "firsts". Everett has discovered his feet and that his lips make funny noises. He is very wiggly. He even rolled over for the first time in the Dr's office at his 4 month check up. Here we are one month later and he is becoming stronger every day. He is exceptionally yummy these days! If I figure out how to get a video on here - I'll put one up of him laughing or blowing berries. :)

Sy is a delight as usual. He has figured out that his birthday is soon and is talking about what he is going to get. Who teaches him these things? :) We are going to have a football party. He is also very aware that football season is approaching. We have multiple football games in the stadium (the area rug in our living room.) Oh my, it is so adorable. Little boys are so much fun.

Here are some pics of Saturday at the pool with the Martinez fam. Everett loved to float in to pool. He was so cute. This pic doesn't even come close to how cute he was. Have I mentioned how great this summer is? We are having a blast.


Meg and PK said...

Such great pictures!!!! You have been tagged...check out my blog!

Veronica said...

Aunt Amy, My cousins are to cute!!!! I can't wait to play some football with Sy and see Everett giggle. We miss you so much!! I can't wait to go to the new pool with you guys in just a couple of weeks.

Nephew Aidan