Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Up counting sheep

It's 12:20am. I was in bed an hour ago. Sy woke up and needed to potty. Soon after that I noticed it was lightly raining outside. I was almost holding my breath and waiting for Sy to notice (he's not wild about thunder and lightning). At any time he would be up mentioning the light show in his room. And there it came, "Mommy - I still need to go potty." Well, that wasn't exactly what I had expected but, nonetheless, I have to get up. Of course, while he is doing his thing, he notices..."it's raining mama." We had a mini discussion on lightning and how it stays outside even though you can see the lights through the window. All slightly interesting to my half asleep child. "I think it would be a good idea to sleep with you and Daddy." I fell for it and slid him in between Ben and me.

Ten minutes later, Everett decided he was missing out. I grabbed him thinking, "we'll cuddle a bit and he'll be back asleep soon, then I will return him to his crib." Five minutes later, I can't sleep. I realize that my three boys are SOFTLY SNORING IN PERFECT UNISON! Not only that, each was basically in the same position and they were perfectly graduated from little to big. They looked as though I was in their bed! Sound asleep and mommy now wide awake. It was so funny, I had to restrain myself from laughing outloud! So, here I am, trying to wind down again and there they lie peacefully sleeping in MY bed. I think I'll go move them now. :)


Veronica said...

Amy, your family is so lucky to have you. You take the time to "stop and smell the roses".You are such a wonderful person in every way. You know what truely matters in life. Thank you for the beautiful discription of the boys in bed. I can see it in my head, and it fills my heart with joy as I thank God to have you all be a part of our family.Love, V

The Thoennes Gang said...

Yeah, you know me I was awaken the other night because Gabby and Jon talk to each other in their sleep and I have been stuck with Rian in the girls room and Rian will wake me smacking just like Gabby and Jon, not only your boys but my girls are pure bred daddy's girls. And I can see how funny and yet wonderful to have that memory forever, ivy