Saturday, June 2, 2007

MH Pics


M said...

Ben, the "play set" you all dismantled, moved and reset is humongous. If I say so myself you learned from a master edifice constuctor. Silas, Everett, Dad and the grandpas will have some real fun (and the uncles as well). Really have been thinking about your "trek" this weekend. My prayers are for your experiences to meet your efforts and expectations. Remember, Silas and Everett will be better sons for your time off and Amy will love to see you home. She'll have some of her own time coming then. Enjoy!
God Bless all of you! Dad T.
Thanks for the Blog, Amy!

Gitmo said...

Looks like Dad T. commented here.

I don't think folks have the site bookmarked or RSS'd so they can check it out when they're are updates.

There's a link at the bottom for that... but they'll have to figure it out for themselves.