Thursday, June 21, 2007

Praise God for Mother's Day Out!

I am convinced that Mother's Day Out was a God-inspired idea! Today was Sy's first day of "school" and I am pretty sure that I had more fun than he did. No, he really had a great time too. He was so cute carrying his camo-lunch bag (thanks Aunt Ivy). We had it filled with a special lunch, complete with a spider man juice box. He was so proud. And somehow he was able to get excited about our homemade nap mat. Before I even left his room he grabbed it and was ready to take a nap. That's a first. I left with no tears flowing (Sy or me) . What a great feeling!

Lainie and I spent the next hour at Starbucks analyzing the facility, the staff and our children's hoped (and feared) behavior. After we'd talked it all through, we confirmed our cell phones were on and thought very little more about our precious darlings. We let the day take us along on miscellaneous errands. We made some random stops to try a new lipstick or check out some shoes. At almost every stop we said, "Wow this is great... so much easier." More than once we relished the fact that we were not having to interrupt our conversation to break up an argument about sharing or remind someone to, "stay right beside mommy." Such a great day.

Sy was so excited to see me but had obviously had a fun time. He was exhausted but still hasn't stopped talking about school. After he showed me his art work I turned away and looked back. He was proudly describing to Everett where his name was on the paper. "Look Evwett, it says Silas Thoennes," he said. It was precious - I caught a bit of it.

I had Everett all day. But he is still really easy. Sy is a constant 2.75 yr old: constant questions, discipline, entertaining, teaching, trips to the bathroom and the list goes on. I only had to answer to the question, "Why?" a few times today vs. 100. It was a much needed break. We all need a break from our "constant" matter how cute they are!


Lainie said...

So cute! Sy with Ev telling him about his day-what a treasure! And my treasure?........spending the day with you, Dear you!

Meg and PK said...

Such cute pics and Such a fun day for you. I know you were so refreshed and totally missing Sy when you went to pick him up.

Amy said...

a well deserved break...and Sy loved the time at "school" what a blessing! Maybe I can take Rett for an hour next week and you can really Cut loose =) you deserve some quiet time. love BT

Ben said...

A great start to a long journey of school. You are a great mom for talking about his experience! BT